Back Office Services

We provide Back Office Process support with experience team members in this area of expertise

Today's business environment allows the organization to cut down the costs on human resource and achieve more with the limited resources. We provide Back Office Process support with experience team members in this area of expertise and reduce your overall IT spend and achieve the desired result. We undertake services in Data Entry, Voice support, Sales support etc and your clients will feel the service is provided by you only and builds your company credibility to the large extent. We offer these services for small business and mid-size business organizations who cannot afford to setup their direct back office like large scale business organizations.

  • Our back office services are an emblem of our experience and proficiency, which is exhibited in everything we do to fortify your business – right from usual data entries to business centric Ecommerce solutions and from ePublishing to smart virtual assistance;
  • You can be rest assured that your expectations are meted out in the most efficient manner.

Sky Wevas Technologies holds a long and proven track record in this tedious sounding area. Our recognition as a prolific and meticulous data entry and management expert can be dedicated to our experience and proficiency to play with any size of databases. We treat your data most sensibly because we know, this is your valued asset.

Today, many top companies prefer our value driven data services over many others. You must know more about what all has been comprised in our data entry and management services:

Data Entry

Accurate and expeditious data entry is a regular practice at Sky Wevas Technologies. So whenever you have got exhaustive facts and figures to be electronically recorded or want a small but thorough database, call us.

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Copy Paste Services
  • Data Capture
  • Image Data Entry
  • PDF Data Entry
  • PDF Data Entry
  • OCR cleanup
  • Document Data Entry
  • Scanning and Indexing

Data Processing

You got tangible benefits to count on from our Data Processing services. On one hand, you can save significant costs with our involvement and on the other, enhance your profitability index. This evidently means delighting your customers with a user-friendly data ecosystem.

Our long experience in handling data facilitates you with innumerable data choices – from manuscripts to images and from texts to electronically fed details. Have a look at our data processing services:

  • Forms Processing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Rebate Processing
  • Order Processing
  • Market Research Forms Processing
  • Mailing List Compilation

Data Management

Owing to the fact that majority of your business decisions come from a well managed database, we have employed best data experts and highly skilled taskforces for this purpose. Our data management services are an aid to you in many ways – extend customer relationship, spot new prospects, plan better investments, develop strategies, etc.

You must know about our entire gamut of data management services:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Standardization
  • Web Research / Data Mining
  • Data Cleansing / Enrichment
  • Database Development & Migration

Specialized Data Support

To sharpen our service array with more extraordinary services, we have walked an extra mile and included Specialized Data Support. This is an extra aid to fortify our already proficient and far reaching data entry, processing and management services. So be ready to benefit from the diverse dimensions of our expertise and experience in this segment.

Our top-notch services, blended with quality and commitment, come to you in following ways:

  • Invoice
  • MS Access
  • Company Reports
  • Excel Data Entry
  • MySQL Data Entry
  • Survey/ Questionnaire
  • Product/Warranty Registration
  • CRM Data Entry/Mining
  • Sales Support Services

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Virtual Assistant

You always wished if there was someone reliable and experienced who can take care of those numerous tiny yet significant tasks. This is evidently because you want to stay better focused on more significant aspects as business operations, new prospects, sales, etc. When you choose our Virtual Assistant services, consider your wish is fulfilled.

Shared Assistants

Howsoever sensitive or trivial a task, our team of shared assistants is all up to treat it with high professionalism. And they are there 24X7. The whole bunch of activities we do for you are as under:

  • Web support
  • Email assistance
  • Administrative assistance
  • Technical assistance
  • Accounting assistance

What's more – you get a dedicated Virtual Assistant number for easy accessibility and quick turnaround!

Dedicated Assistants

You already know the challenges of hiring, and retaining, employees with specific specializations. In the process, much of your organization’s productivity and efficiency is hampered. Why not outsource us this prime area and leave your concerns to us!

Being a professional in this segment, we already have team of specialists who are on their toes to serve you. Choose the dedicated assistance services you want and enjoy a mix of expertise and affordability:

  • Technical
  • Marketing
  • Managerial
  • Administrative
  • Customer Support
  • Graphics & Design Support
  • Other Personalized service

You are welcome to come over and let us know your Virtual Assistant needs. To have our world class services in this area, call us or write to us NOW!

Customer Support

When increasing customer expectations interfere with your business objectives, you need smarter alternates! Our Customer Support services are most apt from this perspective. With our involvement, on one hand you can offload your customer support requirements to us and on the other, dedicate your time and energy on business.

Hiring our customer support services would mean a lot to you – better customer retention, more happy clients, expeditious query resolution, and much more. Rely upon Admire Tech’s highly professional services and feel a sea change in the level of customer / client satisfaction.

Email and Chat Support

There is nothing as facilitating and soothing for your customers to feel a human face answer their queries. It is additionally beneficial when they see that you are listening to them 24X7. This is what we think we do for you through our Email and Chat Support services. Professional communication, quick response time, flexible responsiveness, etc. are some of the prime identities of this facet in our services.

Professional communication, quick response time, flexible responsiveness, etc. are some of the prime identities of this facet in our services.

Inquiry Handling

Inquiries are opportunities that may lead to new business. Our steadfast presence never lets you miss any customer inquiry. Having equipped our cell with multiple channels for faster and effective responses, we have bolstered this service for you.